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tv   [untitled]    February 26, 2013 8:30pm-9:00pm PST

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so, when we have the pete money and wellness money we could not necessarily, i don't know if we are restricting ourselves, i mean, i understand that by saying, okay, what we want to do is to, which i really appreciate the way that you explained it. address this disproportionalty against a service that we think that we need more of and with the same resources we have to have fewer of these. we are not locked into that if we can't get the nurses we can always have the social workers, or whatever support personnel is deemed by the district since this is the centrally allocated things to be able to address the students support needs. so i guess, i just think that that should be said that this is a concept that we think is a good direction in which we want to move. but we may or may not be able to accomplish that and we and
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therefore, the public will be kept apprised of that. >> thank you. >> commissioner mendoza? >> i forgot what i was going to say. so, this is always that march stamp that we do. and it is processes con voluted and we work on exceptions which makes zero sense, it is a required time frame that never matches our planning. and looking at you, this is... this is this. you know? and i think that the other added piece that we have to or that we are up against a wall and we need to be caution. and that the out come of that will look like, which we are what now? 6 days away from that or four days away from that?
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and, we are not feeling like we are on the steady ground despite the prop 30 and some of the other wonderful things and thanks to our voters. i think that it is fair to say that our commitment to labor is to minimize our layoffs as we always try to do every year, year in and year out. and the ininstruction that you get from us is continuing to be just that. is that we want to minimize it and the whole idea that we could do no layoffs would be ideal. again, a commitment from the board will be to look under every rock and understand how funding relates to the
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continued success and progress of our students. and i think that we always have that in mind when we go through this process. and that is it is not a comfortable process to go through. and you know, again this required time frame makes it very difficult for us to do what we have to do and so i just wanted to openly put out our commitments as a board and i think that we have demonstrated that as a board time and time again and we will continue to work hard to find funding to make things happen and to really look at the best way to follow our strategic plan in order to ensure success for our kids. >> i thank you, and i just want to say that every year that i have been on this board and i tend to vote for this layoff notices and it is always really hard and i will say that it is
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very, very hard to send out over 500. so, i am just glad to see that the numbers are down and while it is not easy to still vote for this, i think that it is better than knowing that we are sending out over 500 notices in the past and that was a really hard thing to do because we know how disruptive it is to a person's life when they receive one of these notices. so i just want to i guess on behalf of this board is that it is a difficult situation and i'm glad that we are all here to make that decision together. and thank you to the staff for cutting down these numbers so that we are not being out hundreds of layoff notices >> thank you. >> miss ly? >> i just like to ask if the rainy day fund is included in all of this budget or if it is calculated into this or not?
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>> so i will just say again, that the rainy day reserve, if we do not get the rainy day reserve, then it makes it more likely that some groups of these positions will remain on the layoff list, and if the rainy day reserve funds do come through, that we will be in a better position to rescind some of these positions, the layoffs of some of these positions but it does not apply equally to all groups. i think that the groups that is most true for is the secondary and little school and high school single subject positions that are on here i think that there are a total of 46 of those and on the flip side, there are that it is not as tied to the funding or that
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state of the positions that are funded on the school improvement grant. so if we get the rainy day fund, or we don't get the rainy day fund, i don't think that we would or the staff will recommend keeping in place in the exact same place all of the positions that are supported by sig because that is not the direction that we are moving in. we are transitioning to a post sig, set of strategies. >> thank you. anybody else? >> commissioner murase? >> thank you, president norton. >> before i make my comments, i just wanted to note that i truly appreciate our student delegates participating in this process and your questions, whether they are absolutely. [ applause ] >> whether your questions were you know, to me, or to our
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parliamentarian or to the staff it does beg the understanding that our young folks, younger than me, young people in this school district know about this process and care about this process and have questions, i am sure that there are many, many questions at school sites for our high schoolers and even elementary students, and they just go unanswered. so, what i would like to request is as we have these beginning discussions that somehow the superintendent carranza and mr. bush man you can figure out a way to speak with the sac body as they are representative of the sites and they can take information back to the schools so that they can also better understand what is happening and sort of get their minds of what is going on in the big picture and also at
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their schools. i think that it is evident and so i would hope that that conversation can be crafted and we can work out something like that. because i believe that there is an opportunity here and we don't want to pass it by. >> invite us and we will be happy to come. >> i appreciate that very, very much. and again, thank you for your questions. >> my comments are just going to be brief. because as every year that we do this, i am not only ever faithful, but assured from past experience that i have seen you and your department and all of sfusd staff work through all of the numbers all of the positions and all of the possibilities and probabilities that we can bring the people back into sfusd as employees. and that for me, is the reassurance that i have of your
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ability to do the work that you do. and that the superintendent here is committed to that. and we as board members are vigilant over that, but just the dynamics of the way that it is, and i appreciate our labor partners reminding us and we are here and we did not go away, every facet saying, we are watching as well. and however, it gets down, however the nooks and crannies and ask the people would you do this job and will you take this position and they say yes, great, that is another name rescinded and happy to hear that information from you when you give us updates about where we are. and so, for those reasons, and again, it is my belief and faith that we will continue to do that and that i am going to vote as i do. which is hoping that we can
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find other ways and we will find ways and the members that we bring back are people will be great and those folks who will choose to leave us absolutely understand why because the uncertainty is unbearable and hopefully we minimize that as quickly as possible. my only comments. president norton, thank you. >> thank you. >> any further comments from board members? questions? >> seeing none, this is a very difficult vote for all of us, every year. i don't think that anybody wants to be here. and i am looking forward to the day where we do not have to take this vote. i have faith that that day is coming some day. but not today. could we please have the roll call one at a time. on the first resolution to decrease the number of
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certificated employees due to reduction in particular kinds of services. >> ly? >> no. >> wong. >> no. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> no. >> maufaus. >> no. >> murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> yes. >> four ayes. noe. now we will have roll call on establishing the order of seniority for those with employees with the same day of service. >> ly, yes. >> wong. >> yes. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> yes. maufas yes. >> wynns, aye. >> nor. >> seven ayes. >> roll call on reduction of
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para professionals. >> ly. >> no. >> wong. >> no. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> no. >> muf in >> no. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> wynns. >> aye. >> norton. >> yes. >> four ayes. >> roll call, on the resolution regarding reduction in the number of early education department employees. >> it was five ayes. i am sorry. >> thank you >> roll call on the last resolution. >> thank you. >> ly in >> no >> wong. >> no. >> fewer. >> yes. >> haney. >> no. >> maufas. >> no. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> murase. >> aye. >> wao*ins. >> aye. >> norton.
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>> yes. >> five ayes. >> okay. >> we will actually if i can if there is no disagreement i would like to take item r out of order they are in the audience and i want to try to get them out of here before 9:00 if we can. >> urging the board of education to evaluate the quality and accessibility of credit recovery programs. >> may i hear a motion >> so moved. second. >> thank you. >> would any of the authors like to read the item into the record? >> it is the first reading. >> what am i talking about. >> sorry. >> absolutely. i am not paying attention here. so i am going to call the public speakers on this item. generally, when an item is introduced for the first reading, is there a problem?
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>> excuse me... >> pardon me. thank you. >> president norton. >> we just needed a board member to second the resolution. >> yes, noted. >> mendoza did. >> you sounded so youthful. >> all right. she is very youthful. >> all right. i have three speakers signed up for comment on this item. i'm going to call your names if you will please assemble at the podium, generally when an item is introduced for a first reading, we allow 5 minutes total so i am going to allow five minutes of public comment and you may use that as you wish. >> sin claire, ariel euw and veango please tell me how to produce this. >> it is a beautiful name.
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>> poumopeou? >> thank you. >> approach the podium and so collectively you have five minutes. >> hello. my name is ariel eu and i am a sophomore in high school and i am also on the youth commission and in part of the education committee that is joint with the youth commission and we work to write and explore the topic on credit recovery programs evaluation. so first of all we would like to thank the board of education commissioners sandy fewer for supporting this resolution and the board for your time and work on highlighting student achievements. unfortunately, members, sin claire could not be here she had to leave, so youth commissioner, nicholas perskey is going to take her place. evaluation is important because a lot of hard work has gone
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into getting funding for these increased in credit recovery options this semester. and every one honored this work. evaluating credit recovery options will help us to identify what works and what does not work and help us plan what credit recovery options will be able in this coming summer. we want to make sure that the credit recovery is not only accessible to all students but effective as well. i think that it is important that the students take advantage of this opportunity of credit recovery programs and be able to graduate. we encourage that the sfusd have the more robust evaluation and success rates of the program from this semester and hopefully include the student feedback in the evaluation. every student at all high schools should have the same credit recovery options and increase the assistance to help them graduate. thank you for your time. >> hi, my name is paer and i am
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a senior at george washington high school and also a member on the youth commission, i would like to thank the board of education for your time and work in highlighting how to best support students here in san francisco. i'm speaking on behalf of this item as i think that it is important because it will help the credit recovery program become more efficient and it will help to see whether the program is working for students because we all know that we all learn in different ways, so like students may be learning like they may be able to learn better with a teacher as opposed to a different student, learning with independent study. so it will insure that students needs are being met and also that it will be able to continue in the future. thank you again for your time. >> hi, everybody, i'm perskey and i am vice president of the
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youth commission. i would like to thank the board of education and the student delegates who bring this issue forward. and i do want to be clear that i have not been as immensely involved as fewer and many of my colleagues on the youth commission have but i have been paying a lot of attention to this issue and i watch sfgov tv every night and so this issue is very important to me. i just want to emphasize the importance of the final resolve clause in the resolution which is the clause of continued communication between the city and the school district and i want to be clear that this issue is not a city issue it is not a school district issue but a san francisco issue. and we need to all work together on it. and so, it is the responsibility of all of us to be involved and i urge the evaluation of these programs to include extensive community input and i believe that i speak on behalf of the community that we are here as a
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resource for you guys and in order to have, you know, maximum success of this program and it is going to be necessary for this not just to be an issue here at the board of education but for you guys to work us even though the youth commission is an entity of the city of san francisco we need to work together to make sure that these programs come to fruition, so thank you. >> thank you. >> the youth speakers, comments or speakers from the board members? >> i can't do any discussion? >> okay. >> thanks. >> all right i'm still learning. >> so this is going to be held over for action, at the board meeting of march 12th and we will have much comment and questions at that time. we will resume with the regular order of our agenda, now we are moving on to item m, discussion of other educational issues. superintendent? thank you president norton, i would like to call the director
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kevin chavez who will take us through item m. >> good evening, commissioners, and superintendent, so this is regarding the title 3 improvement plan that we are required to submit to the california department of education. san francisco unified school district receives title 3 funding from the federal government to help english learners to speak, read and write in english. and to achieve success in reading and mathematics. school districts and other agencies that receive the title 3 funds are reviewed each year as required in the no child left behind to see if they meet the three measured objectives further english learners, and progress in learning english and the progress in the percentage of students who become proficient in english and language art and mathematics.
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>> for the 11, 12 school year they met the first two targets and did not meet the academic target in english, language arts for the fourth year in a row and math this last year. this information is shown in the chart that i have presented in my hand out to you. the multilingual pathway department has developed a plan to help to achieve the target in english, language arts, the following is a summary of the draft plan. so the first category falls under elv and the strategis that we are going to increase the consistency of the quality of the english language development during the specified elb's instruction and use of the strategies throughout the content areas at all sites while preventing and supporting long term english learners, we are going to deepen the understanding of the new california standards in relation to the california common core state standards and
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sfufd's prepaid core curriculum and to facilitate all prepaid student language out comes in proficiency and special education. the california elv standards provide the opportunities to access and engage in and achieve in grade level academic content and learning social and academic english. they are to be used in tandem with the standards and to strengthen the new standards. so the actions include but are not limited to aligning our current california eob standards to san francisco unified school districts ela prepaid core curriculum and continue to provide both district wide and sight site based development and coaching and follow up.
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and also provide elv diagnostic and informative assessments to help with the literacy instruction and continue to assist sites with the blt section of the standard report card and work with the teachers to develop a curriculum for long term english learners aligning this work to the california common core state standards. and support the teachers to implement the curriculum for a long term english learners and specialized english language development class and throughout the content areas. the second area focus will be primary language and instruction of core and language development and so we will provide a clear infrastructure in the design and implementation and monitoring and refinement of research based programs which implement primary languages dual language immersion. and so we will also determine a plan for the development of a
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common core state standards in chinese. and develop a chinese and implementation of eld standards in those pathways. the strategic actions include to but not limited to support for program through walk throughs and coaching and professional development regarding program model design goals and assessment with administrators teachers parents, and districts administrators. and establish with the research department in response to provide data and discussions around the english and primary language development. we will also determine a plan like i said for the development of the common core in chinese. develop the curriculum and curriculum maps in accordance with the common core state
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standards in languages and dual language and also receive the development of the core curriculum and identify, and or create multiple and veriyed assessment aligned with common core in the primary language. our professional development will be provided to teachers and administrators in the areas of primary eld instruction and strategy and primary language. this strategic actions include but are not limited to district-wide insight based bd and providing eld instruction and strategies and the content. courses throughout the day. pathway language teachers will attend regular meetings using primary language materials and administrators will receive ongoing professional development for english learners and coach teachers in the areas of compliance of curriculum and instruction. >> we will also be focused on parent and community participation, family support
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for english learners, via multilingual and support for information for dlacand elac and support for the committees through monthly dlac meetings, direct site support and our school site council summit and promote for english learners by sharing data on an ongoing basis with the by lingual and also to get feedback. >> thank you. >> questions? commissioner wynns? >> thank you. okay, i'm a little, thank you. but, and i appreciate it that you were reading some specifics. this is an extremely short summary. but it sounds to me like all of the things that are described are the things that i thought
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that we were doing already. so, and we have had a lot of attention through the allow plan and the specific actions that have been described to us as being part of the implementation of the allow plan in recent years that are essentially the same kinds of activities that you have described, i think. so, i would like some more specifics about what is different about what and why is this an improvement plan instead of simply saying that we are going to do what we said that we were going to do or what i thought that we were already doing. >> i think that some of the things that are different in what we were doing in the past and going to continue to do. it is increasing some of those efforts and in some cases but in other cases it is aligning the work that is being done in content or core content areas which has been identified as
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kind of a gap for us right now. and right now, as the district priority for the really out of the common core curriculum. we were looking at it as an opportunity to link the work that we are going to be doing around the new eld standards and embed it in that process. so this is very much focused on that and also aligning the primary language instruction pieces to both the eld standards and the common core ela standards and so that is really a very different place that we are going with this. >> so that does mean in the past that we have not been aligning our primary language ininstruction that we had or it is just because, nobody is doing the common core standards yet? and so that is something new and i also have to say, which we could get more information. you know, you don't have to do this in depth because maybe it will be more appropriate if we
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saw more details if we could know more what to say or ask. by, i would really like to know how we think that we are going to develop the common core standards in chinese and what we are doing to do in korean, because we already i have to say that i already know from two or three other times that we tried to do this that nobody has any capacity to do the work in chinese except this school district in the state and that a huge gigantic job. and we are doing only a component of it and what the state is doing a lot of this work and other districts are doing various parts that we are going to share with each other and don't know how we can do the whole thing in the other languages that seems undoable to me. >> so clearly there is big


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